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In the early 19th century, pedlars and street traders sold cheap toys carved from a single piece of wood, mainly produced by rural craftsmen or in small backstreet factories and sweatshops. In the late 19th century these toys were replaced by even cheaper toys stamped out of tinplate and die cast which were exported from Germany. Many of the toys were clockwork and were developed as a sideline of watchmaking. They were originally made in the 1830s for the amusement of adults... -> read more about vintage tin toys.

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July 20, 2017 Don wrote regarding Murray:
"Restoring my dtr's Murray tricycle from ~1975 as a memento. Need pedals. They were simple plastic ones that slide onto rod and secured wit..."
July 16, 2017 Theo berendsen wrote regarding Majorette:
"Yes i want to know the value of the majorette cars.I,m just beginning to collect 3 weeks ago.I only collect the 200 serie in blister.ThanksThe..."
July 5, 2017 Les Mann wrote regarding Tonka Toys:
"Looking for info on a Tonka Loader... green body with yellow bucket... tracked. Thank you..."
July 2, 2017 Jen wrote regarding Milton Bradley:
"I have a Milton Bradley Old Maid card game in the box. It appears to be very old. THe number on the box is 4488 and it says Springfield..."
July 2, 2017 Sten Hansson wrote regarding Technofix:
"Hi!Looking for cars for my 249 Tankstelle. Any body?..."
June 27, 2017 Lisa wrote regarding Frontline Figures:
"I have a Frontline Figures WW1 20th Anniversary gift set, un-used. Comes with certificate to show it is set number 30 of 1000. Would yo..."