Reborn dolls for adoption

Reborn babies are hand crafted dolls to look like real, newborn babies. A reborn doll is a customized (vinyl) baby doll, artistically repainted and enhanced to look as realistic as a real human baby. They can be very expensive and prices range from 50 USD to several thousands.

Creating these reborn baby dolls is called, the process of reborning.

reborn boy

How to reborn a doll

Reborning has evolved significantly over the past years, as reborn atists have refined their painting methods, but also added lots of technical features, for example a simulator that simulates the heartbeat.

The last years, special reborn doll kits are for sale, and battery powered extras are seen such a mechanism to simulate the movements of breathing of a (sleeping) baby.

Just like human babies, reborn dolls come in every conceivable shape size and color - nowadays there are Caucasian, Asian and African American reborn dolls.

Creating reborn babies

The process of reborning' a normal vinyl doll usually involves these processes:

  • You have to take the (vinyl) doll apart & remove the paint.
  • Realistic baby skin tones are created by applying a color wash to the inside body parts of the doll.
  • Various techniques are used to paint the exterior, to add transparant skin tones & effects: "milk-spots", veins & blotching to resemble the skin of a real human newborn baby.
  • With rooting tools and felting needles you can apply eyelashes and hair which are usually made of the finest mohair.
  • A weighted body replaces the original vinyl body.
  • Once finished, the newborn reborn baby doll is no longer a child's toy...
Reborn dolls BBC documentary

How to make reborn dolls

If you want to start creating reborn dolls I suggest you look for a simple reborn kit to begin with.

Reborn artists & nurseries

Renowned reborn artists are: Elly Knoops, Adrie Stoete, Sheila Michael, Denise Farmer, Helen Jalland, Kim van de Wetering, Reva Schick, Marissa May, Comfy Clouds Nursery, Eva Helland, Rachel Tams, Sam Norman, Samantha Leslie, Sanne Sabilla, Tinkerbell Nursery, Lisa Holm (Lisa's Stork Nest), Vikki Ebberling, Sebilla Bos.

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yes, mail me the link to this page

Karria - July 23, 2014

Hello Everyone I am trying to trade my 5 African American and biracial reborns for a full bodied newborn siZed silicone doll. If anyone can please help me send me an email at [respond through this page, admin will forward] and I'll definitely send you pictures!!

Andrea Rambo - October 16, 2013

does this baby boy doll come complete when you order it?
►reply: Best is to ask the seller of the doll you want to buy.

Kylie - July 2, 2013

Im looking for a reborn boy/girl with his/her eyes closed.but I need it to be in Canada.
►reply: Hi Kylie, try to search on this website for reborn eyes closed and maybe you'll find one.

Tiara Wagner - January 21, 2013

how and were can i by sweet sieanna
►reply: You can try and search for sienna reborn.

Maddi - January 18, 2013

Hi I am looking for a reborn baby boy of a budget of 150 I know that sounds crazy for a reborn but I have two already that were under that price and they are beautiful dolls if u have any or know where I can find any reborn boys $150 that would be great ( also looking for a cheap toddler if u have any info on that)
►reply: You can find them on this website by sorting on price, for example click on this link if you look for: reborn boy under 150 USD. Or here for reborn toddlers under 150 USD.

Teri - July 18, 2012

I am looking for someone to make me a reborn with darker skin, not ehtnic, but spanish colored. I am not sure of guilds to use. If you can help me, please let me know. You have some beautiful babies. Thank you.
►reply: Try and contact the sculptors directly, I don't make reborn dolls. Or you can try and search for reborn ethnic

Christina - June 28, 2011

My price range is 300 and under if you have any of them that r boys I would like to have one that's 300$ and under plzz thank you so much if you have any other info on about it or anything make sure u reply back to this or plzz email me at my email address!! THANK YOU!! :))
►reply: Hi, you can sort on price on this website or click here for reborn boys and sort.

Cassandra - March 22, 2011

hello i want one but a male and my price range is 500 and under do u think it is possible?
►reply: Search for a (click) reborn boy and then change selection to 'price < 500' on this website. Hope this helps.

Shelby - October 28, 2010

hi im looing for hard bodied boy reborner and wondered if you can make me an offer less than 500 pound please

Lauren - August 12, 2010

Hi, do you have the elly knoops luca 10" kit.Its the mini luca.I wanted one but with full limbs.
regards, Lauren

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Reborn Baby Dolls lifelike Newborn Baby 11
Reborn Baby Dolls lifelike Newborn Baby 11CDN$ 84.18
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Life like Baby Doll Soft Baby Boy Doll 13
Life like Baby Doll Soft Baby Boy Doll 13CDN$ 42.32
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Tracy baby doll kit Donna Rubert for reborn
tracy baby doll kit donnaC $45.09
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reborn doll luca head ellyC $50.74
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reborn baby vampire girl19 bid(s)C $343.87
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Reborn baby girl Gumdrop Pat Secrist
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Reborn Doll Chanel
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Reborn Doll Kameko sculpt 19 inches long
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Reborn Doll Precious Gift
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Genesis Heatset Paints Doll Sample Set 13
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ISABELLE Babies Reborn baby girl doll
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Reborn Doll Nod darling full bodied doll
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Kimi baby doll kit Artist Donna Rubert for
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Kameko baby doll kit Artist Tasha Edenholm
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Eden baby doll kit Marissa May for reborn
eden baby doll kit marissa mayC $45.09
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reborn doll alina lindeC $84.56
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Cici Orangutan Monkey Doll Kit Denise Pratt
cici orangutan monkey doll kitC $33.81
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