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Toy company All Metal Products, founded in 1921 in Michigan, used mass production techniques and cheap materials, such as scrap metal from the car industry.

all meta products

During their first decade in business, they focused mainly on producing toy pistols and rifles. Their slogan for that period was 'Every Boy Wants a Pop Gun'.

Toy Guns and rifles

By 1929, they were the world's largest manufacturer of toy guns. At that point they decided to stop producing air rifles, but continued with the rest of their diversified line of toy guns which included pop guns, clicker pistols, water pistols, dart guns and pistols, cap guns, and a variety of plastic pistols.

Near the end of their first decade in business, the company decided it was time to reinvent themselves. By diversifying their product lines to include a handful of girls toys including doll buggies, musical toys, games, and wagons, as well as adding a wide range of cars, trucks, and planes, they were able to greatly expand their consumer base. This was a move which helped them to become even more famous. At this point, they decided to change their slogan to 'Wyandotte Toys are Good and Safe'.

Their simply built, streamlined, art deco steel cars and trucks were unmistakable. Through the years they built heavier gauge steel cars, distinguished by their baked enamel finish, and wooden wheels, they were designed to withstand the rigors of almost any young child's endless playing, as evidenced by the condition of the many Wyandotte toys treasured by today's collectors. Tin cars produced by the company are more rare and very few exist today. Things were developing nicely for the company, and it continued to grow. In 1936, they added lithographed novelty toys. In 1937, they introduced spring-driven motors to propel some of their vehicles. This in turn led to a wider range of wind-up and lever-action novelty toys.

Then came World War II, and things changed. Because of the shortage of steel for manufacturing, the company turned to producing toys out of wood and die-cut cardboard, in a 'build-your-own' play set format. They also contributed greatly to the war effort by producing clips for the M-1 rifle. After the war, the company moved to Piqua, Ohio. In another attempt to diversify, the company bought Hafner trains, a company that manufactured clockwork toy trains. In 1948, they began producing die-cast and hard-molded plastic toys, in order to compete in the dime store and bargain basement markets.


The 1950's brought on a new set of challenges for the company. Steel shortages and high labor costs made it difficult to compete in a rapidly changing marketplace. No longer able to adapt, the company went bankrupt in 1956.

Fred Eaker sent us this picture from 1934 with him and his (still working!) double barrel (pat. 1979963):
all metal products toy gun

Updated: 8 July 2020

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Comments (8)
Mark - July 7, 2020
Vintage All Metal Products Co. Wyandotte Toys repeating air rifle? 1931 pop gun?There is a AMP toy rifle listed eBay (see listing title above) that is an unusual PAT APPLIED FOR model that the seller is trying to identify. I am trying to help him so if anyone can look at the toy gun on eBay and identify it please send a message to the seller. I have never seen such a rifle design and there is nothing we have found on the Internet. Thanks - M
Donnie - February 1, 2020
I have had an old All Metal Products Co.toy pop gun for a long time. I was amazed to see it still works perfectly. It is over 80 years old.
That's so cool! Yep, they don't make them this way nowadays :-)
Donnie - September 1, 2017
I have an All-Metal Products Co. toy gun single barrel with a wooden red stock. My husband says it is a pop gun. I know the company started production in 1920 however this gun says Pat. April 18, 1916. Can you tell me anything about it? Thanks.
Good question! When I Google 'Pat. April 18, 1916' I come across quite some All Metal Toys rifles with this pat. date. Maybe the patent date has to do with the mechanics of the gun?? Not sure...
Fred - December 24, 2012
i have the double barrel shot gun pat 1979963. i have a picture of me with it, think i was 3 or 4 years old. this would be 1934 or 1935. it still works fine.
Thanks for your story Fred!
Jeff - July 15, 2012
I recently purchased a "ALL-METAL PROD CO", streamlined RED metal friction car. It is a coupe and measures 13 1/4 inches in length. I can't find any information on it, what can someone tell me about it?
Greg - February 19, 2012
i have double barrel shot gun pat 1979963 can you tell the year history
Lee - September 17, 2011
I came into possession of a cork gun pistol.can't read all of the print but says ALL-METAL Wyandot and the patten number is unreadable-still has the cork in it.
Gary - November 18, 2010
I came into possession of an All-Metal Co cap double barrel shotgun. Can you provide any history on this particular item?