Aristo-Craft trains

Aristocraft started in 1983 and since creates a range of innovative off-the-shelf, ride-on scale rolling stock.

This filled a void in the market and started a trend which has flourished, until today when scale ride-on rolling stock can be seen on many miniature railways throughout the country.

Aristocraft has led the market since its inception, has produced most of the commercial stock and has no doubt been an inspiration for others to follow.

Aristocraft have also built many industrial models, including a 7.1/4" gauge Travelling Post Office coach, complete with working mail delivery and pick-up apparatus which was commissioned by the Post Office has been on display in the National Railway Museum, York, as the centrepiece of the '150 Years of Mail by Rail' exhibition. Other models have been of ships which adorn the offices and board rooms of many shipping companies.

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Aristo Craft value and price guide

What's your Aristo Craft worth in 2021? Here are some recently sold items.

Item Title Date Price
pastel semi sheer yellow aristocraft nylon fancy lace Pastel Semi Sheer Yellow Aristocraft Nylon Fancy Lace 09/2021 C $50.78
aristo craft 20090 usa stainless steel 3 straight 12 Aristo Craft 20090 Usa Stainless Steel 3 Straight 12 09/2021 C $444.39
aristocraft long steel caboose cat 42106 atsf santa fe Aristocraft Long Steel Caboose Cat 42106 Atsf Santa Fe 09/2021 C $52.09
aristocraft box car cat 46002 d rg steel Aristocraft Box Car Cat 46002 D Rg Steel 09/2021 C $69.46
rmt by aristocraft o 92917 union pacific motorized Rmt By Aristocraft O 92917 Union Pacific Motorized 09/2021 C $81.26
no pictureSee all sold items on eBay for more prices10/2021C $-.--

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Comments (3)
Jim - September 24, 2021
Need two tail end lanterns for Southern Pacific observation car aristocraft G scale
Jill - June 7, 2021
I was cleaning my Aristocraft long caboose and lost the cap over the smoke stack. Does anyone know where I might find a replacement? I don't run the smoke.
Fred - October 24, 2019
Looking for parts for an Aristocraft 4-6-2 loco. The running rods on the left side Thanks
Also try this page to find parts: Aristocraft 4-6-2.