Border Fine Arts was founded in 1974 by John Hammond, whose chance visit to Scotland served as inspiration for the creative company which thrives today.

From humble beginnings in an eighteenth-century farmhouse near Langholm, the fledgling company developed quickly. Carefully researched, highly detailed and accurately painted figurines were created, for which demand grew rapidly from a very receptive marketplace.

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The workforce grew in leaps and bounds to keep pace with the orders that poured in. Middleholm was quickly outgrown and premises were found in the town, which in turn were expanded to accommodate demand. Border Fine Arts has now become a household name and leader in the manufacture of superb, lifelike figurines. So much so, that In 1986, Border Fine Arts was honoured to win the Scottish Business Achievement Award in recognition of the company's growth and commitment to making a quality product.

In addition to the wildlife studies and farming scenes created for the Classic Collection, Border Fine Arts now also produces a broad range of collectable figurines and accessories for its Studio Collection, and continues to develop and manufacture many famous licensed collectable brands such as Beatrix Potter and Winnie the Pooh.

In 2006, Border Fine Arts Master Sculptor Ray Ayres celebrated his 30th year with the company, and marked the occasion by embarking on a round-Britain tour. Both he and the company have come a long way since those tentative first experiments around the kitchen table at Middleholm, but the journey has always been one of enthusiasm and discovery. As Ray himself puts it, 'I don’t feel jaded, and I put that down to a high level of job satisfaction…there are always challenging projects in the pipeline to keep me feeling fresh and enthusiastic'.

The perfect ethos, in fact, for a forward-thinking company of limitless invention, whose continued dedication to authenticity and quality of workmanship help to explain the success of Border Fine Arts, and will undoubtably be instrumental in ensuring a long-lasting future.

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Cumbria CA3 0EN

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What's your 'Border Fine Arts' worth? Here are some recently sold items (Canada).

Picture Title Date Sold for
Ellent Peafowl Peacock Taxidermy Luxury 09/2019 C $1 300.98
Rare Homeward Bound B1029 Limited 10/2019 C $498.43
Epic Red Deer Antlers Skull Great 09/2019 C $405.50
Giant Red Deer Antlers Skull Great 10/2019 C $398.74
Percheron Horse Limited Edition 09/2019 C $383.96

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Comments (3)

Carol - January 29, 2013
I have a robin on a flower pot with the number 81 and a m ayres it this Ray or a brother and is it of value
There are different kinds of Robins on flower pots made, from around 1981. The piece has a value between 5 and 15 GBP.

Judith - March 24, 2012
I have several Lowell Davis figurines I would like to offer for sale, Please advise.
Take a look at this list, maybe you'll find more info about your figurines:

David - March 1, 2012
Maybe you should consider selling it on eBay, where lots of collectors search for items. Or Google Ray Ayres Border Fine Arts to find more info.