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Brooklin, Lansdowne & Robeddie are all brands of Brooklin Models Limited of Brooklin, Ontario, Canada. Started in 1974 by John Hall in his basement, the company has since become the world's leading manufacturer of handbuilt 1:43 scale collectible model automobiles. Brooklins are now manufactured in a 10,000 square foot factory in Bath, England.

While their replication of fifties and sixties vintage US cars makes them popular with collectors, Brooklins sometimes lack the fine detailing of comparable models, opting instead for heavy, solid construction and exacting scale. Some enthusiasts prefer to add chrome foil for finish trim, applying thin metallic film in a fashion similar to gold leaf. This preference leads back to the argument of the purist versus the hobbyist, as mentioned in the introduction to this book. While Brooklins focus on American (US) cars, Lansdowne models are replicas of British cars. The series was introduced in 1993 to present a completely new line of models for collectors. Robeddie models meanwhile concentrate on Swedish vehicles - Volvos mostly, with a 1969 Saab 99 thrown in for variety.

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Brooklin value and price guide

What's your Brooklin worth in 2021? Here are some recently sold items.

Item Title Date Price
brooklin brk 53 1955 chevy cameo reco gulf oil ctcs Brooklin Brk 53 1955 Chevy Cameo Reco Gulf Oil Ctcs 09/2021 C $579.18
brooklin models 1 43 brk 13x marilyn monroe thunderbird Brooklin Models 1 43 Brk 13x Marilyn Monroe Thunderbird 08/2021 C $498.21
1 50 brooklin model of commer holland coachcraft van in 1 50 Brooklin Model Of Commer Holland Coachcraft Van In 10/2021 C $435.88
1954 pontiac convt gorgeous conquest recent 1 43 n 1954 Pontiac Convt Gorgeous Conquest Recent 1 43 N 08/2021 C $348.75
brooklin models a boxed pair brk64x a pair of squares Brooklin Models A Boxed Pair Brk64x A Pair Of Squares 09/2021 C $361.20
no pictureSee all sold items on eBay for more prices10/2021C $-.--

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Comments (3)
Keith - August 31, 2020
Can you tell me how much a Steve mcqueen Brooklyn mustang gt car from the film bullet is worth. Looking on you web page I can not see one in your stock? Yours
I'm not selling any Bullit Mustangs I'm afraid.
Nick - January 24, 2020
I like the early Brooklin Models best especially the vans.
You're right, they are great!
Bob - July 14, 2018
Are the Canadian built cars worth more than the English built. What are the rarist, and what would the values be?
Good question! No idea... Maybe another visitor can help or maybe you can ask Brooklin directly through their website (you can chat with them).