The Coleco Telstar is a series of video game consoles produced by Coleco. There were 14 consoles released from 1976 to 1978, starting with a Telstar 'Pong' clone based on General Instrument's AY-3-8500 chip.

Telstar, Telstar Classic, Deluxe, Ranger, Alpha, Colormatic, Regent, Sportsman, Combat!, Colortron, Marksman, Galaxy, Gemini and the Arcade.

Coleco Telstar value and price guide

What's your 'Coleco Telstar' worth? Here are some recently sold items (Canada).

Picture Title Date Sold for
Arcade Video Game Tabletop Console 09/2019 C $304.35
Marksman Video Game Tabletop Console 10/2019 C $156.43
1976 Arcade Tabletop Video Game System 09/2019 C $91.57
Arcade 3 Cartridge 08/2019 C $150.54
Colortron Arcade Console Game System New 10/2019 C $102.11

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Russ - March 19, 2019
I have a Coleco Telstar Arcade console with 1 nr.1 cartridge and I am trying to find out what it is worth. If anyone can help, thanks.
Hi, click on the 'sold listings' link in the description to see what they fetch.