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Del Prado, a company in Spain, produces "subscription models," where a different car, plane, train, etc. is released each week. Each World Fire Engines release includes the model, a plastic display base, and a "magazine." The magazines are several pages long and relate to either the vehicle itself or a larger topic, such as the history of firefighting. They also include a separate, single sheet showing the specifications and a photograph or drawing of the actual apparatus.

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The series is or has been available in several countries including Japan, Italy, Germany, France, England, the US, and the Netherlands. The series has varied in number of issues in these countries, from 64 in Japan to over 130 in Italy. The individual models also appear quite frequently on eBay, mostly from European sellers.

The Japanese series contained three models that were not released in other countries due to licensing issues. A special series, separate from World Fire Engines and consisting of specialized apparatus such as planes and boats, is available only in France. Not all models are available in all countries. Also, different numbering is used in different countries.

Technically speaking, del Prado is not a manufacturer but a publisher. However, it has released a number of companion items that are of interest to the model collector. Although actually manufactured by other, often well known, manufacturers, these items are commonly referred to as "del Prado" items.

Ediciones del Prado was founded in 1988 in Madrid, Spain. From the very beginning it's activity involved the publishing of edited works in instalments. Since then it has grown such that it is now one of the leading enterprises of its type, distributing it's products largely through newsagents and newstands. At present it has branches in France, Brazil, Poland, Japan and Hong Kong, and representatives in Italy and Great Britain. It's products are distributed practically all over the world in countries as diverse as Germany, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Argentina, Colombia, and the United States.

del prado figuresDel Prado products have covered a variety of subjects aimed at a diverse base of readers and are often accompanied by collections of miniature items, released in conjuction with the serialised text. These have been very popular, with examples being: "Aircraft of the Aces", "Building the Cutty Sark", "The Ultimate Car Collection", "Locomotives of the World", the Lead Soldier collections and "Porcelain Trinket Boxes".

Handicrafts have been another important line with "Doll's House" and "Your Dream Doll's House" being claimed to have brought about a small revolution in this area. "Building the Bounty" and "Building a Medieval Fortress" are other Ediciones del Prado handicraft collections that have enjoyed enormous popularity.

Updated: 11 March 2020

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Del Prado value and price guide

What's your Del Prado worth in 2021? Here are some recently sold items.

Item Title Date Price
del prado n gauge locomotive lner class a1 flying Del Prado N Gauge Locomotive Lner Class A1 Flying 11/2021 C $4.21
soldat plomb delprado officier des cosaques du kouban Soldat Plomb Delprado Officier Des Cosaques Du Kouban 11/2021 C $14.30
soldat plomb delprado caporal de lancier hussard russe Soldat Plomb Delprado Caporal De Lancier Hussard Russe 11/2021 C $14.30
soldat de plomb delprado napolÉon porte etendard Soldat De Plomb Delprado NapolÉon Porte Etendard 11/2021 C $4.99
soldat de plomb delprado napolÉon général field Soldat De Plomb Delprado NapolÉon Général Field 11/2021 C $4.99
no pictureSee all sold items on eBay for more prices12/2021C $-.--

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Comments (27)
Victor - May 10, 2021
I would be interested on Del Prado Soldiers of American civil war. Thanks
You could also have a look here: Del Prado Civil War.
Brian - March 3, 2021
Hello, ive been trying to get hold of Del prado figure of hitler, ive seen it on e bay but the seller wont sell seperate, he has over 100 figures for £300.
Any advice would be appreciated.
Thank you
Stanley - February 21, 2021
I would be interested in finding out about Kerry's del Prado figures particularly if there are nminiature helmets that start with CSN00 . Thank you. Stanley
Message forwarded
Stanley - February 21, 2021
I am looking for del Prado miniature helmets. If anyone has any or knows where I can find them I would greatly appreciate it. the product number may start with CSN. Thank you.
Difficult to find, maybe here: Del Prado helmets.
Kerry - February 14, 2021
My dad passed away and we found a few boxes full of Del Prado Napoleon Figuers I've put a list together and it's only missing numbers 007 099 118 there is also 121 which I've read it only went up to 120, I also have booklets from no47-97 we are looking to sell as I do not have the room to keep them any help would be great Thank you
Hi Kerry, usually eBay works faster, but if another visitor here shows interest I'll forward you their details.
Craig - December 20, 2020
Hi, I am looking for no 95 Scottish highlander to complete my collection of napoleonic figures. Anybody have any ideas where i can get the last one without paying a fortune. I have even been looking aboard via the internet. Hope someone can help.
I don't have it, but you could have a look here: Del Prado 95.
Gary - December 1, 2020
Hi, I am looking for issue 92 (magazine and figurine, still in box if possible) of NAPOLEON AT WAR. This will complete my collection. Thanks, Gary.
So you need the Gunner, Old Guard Foot Artillery. Have a look here, maybe you can find it: Del Prado Gunner Napoleon.
Jon - October 27, 2020
I have a complete (I think) collection of 'Calvalry Through The Ages' which I inherited after my father passed away. I have no room for it and was wondering if anyone would be interested in buying it ?
Jon - October 27, 2020
I also have the 'Men At War' collection if anyone is interested ? Thanks
I'll forward any messages I get, Jon!
Gerard - September 6, 2020
iam frustrated i cant seem to find any lists of figures on the net any surgestions
Maybe this site can help:
Paul - August 15, 2020
I looked EVERYWHERE.....still 8 pieces short!
But you're slowly getting there :-) just kidding... I know it can be frustrating to find those last pieces for your collection...
Gerard - August 2, 2020
would anyone have a list of Delprado cavalry through the ages please
Paul - July 30, 2020
For Carl-I just purchased a 1st Texas Infantry Flagbearer on ebay from the seller militaria-girona. Give him a try.
Gerard - July 9, 2020
is there a catalogue for collections of Del Prado figures I would be most grateful for this information as I have four collection on the go and wish to fill the spaces Regards Gerard
I'm sorry, I can't find any catalogues. The official website ceased to exist, so I'm afraid it will be difficult to find any.
Paul - June 28, 2020
I have an incomplete set of delPrado American Civil War soldiers. I need about 10-15 figures to complete my set. Does anyone have any ACW figures for sale? Thanks.
Also have a look here: Del Prado Civil War.
Carl - June 18, 2020
Hi Folks. Searching for some American Civil War Del Prado figures. Marching Confederate Maryland Battalion. Also, flagbearer 1st Texas Infantry. Lastly, charging Archers Brigade Confederate. Appreciate any help.
Neil - March 9, 2020
Good afternoon,I'm looking for the complete list of Del Prado's Napoleon At War
Hi, you'll find the complete list here.
Dave - September 2, 2014
I wish to contact del prado in England regarding my subscription to two model collections.please send me a telephone number.Thanks in advance
Chris - August 31, 2014
I'm looking sell my napoleon at war figures and the booklets to match can anyone help?
Have you looked at ebay to sell them?
Louis - December 29, 2012
i am looking for del prado relive waterloo figures--it is hard to find in u.s.a. can you buy direct from del prado
Search on this website for: del prado relive waterloo and you'll find some on eBay.
Dennis - September 19, 2012
I have sgt. 1st parra airborne uk- 1944 Arnhem (lead) FOR SALE
Dot - April 25, 2012
Hi I am trying to price a lead Sergent army commando uk 1944/45 delPrado collection (one only) can anyone help me?
S.ball - December 6, 2010
I wish to purchase delprado napoleonic cavalry No's 102 through 120 (19) items, I would like them boxed and with the booklets.
You can search for del prado napoleon on this site and ask the sellers for details.
John - November 19, 2010
How do I subcribe?
Phil - October 31, 2010
Trying to find HMS Bounty Below decks No.7
Keith123 - October 13, 2010
i am trying to find HMS Bounty numbers 1,2,3,42,50,51,58,60,61,68,69,70,71,76,77,83,88 89.
Ian - October 10, 2010
i wish to purchase del nc27 and del nc75 can you help
Try search on this site for: 'del prado 27' and 'del prado 57'