Drowsy Dolls by Mattel

The Mattel Drowsy doll, 14" tall, vinyl head and hands was one of the earliest talking dolls, and made from 1964 through 1974.

Later hands were cloth, stuffed cloth body, pull cord talker, sleep eyes, and painted facial features, earliest dolls were dressed in a Kitty print sleeper with feet and rear drop seat, later ones in same sleeper design but now in pink with large white polka dots, both versions the box doubles as a cradle. The hands and face were made of vinyl.

Marked on a tag on the back. The Drowsy Doll was very popular and Mattel reproduced it in 1984 and 2000, these dolls are similar but with battery operated voicebox. Mattel also made black Drowsy Dolls.


She would say things like "Mommy, kiss me goodnight", "I'm sleepy", "I go sleep now, night-night", "I wanna stay up," and "I want a drink of water".


Updated: 1 October 2020

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Drowsy value and price guide

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Picture Title Date Price
mattel 1964 drowsy talking african american drowsy Mattel 1964 Drowsy Talking African American Drowsy... 05/2021 C $342.55
1974 mattel talking drowsy pull string chatty 1974 Mattel Talking Drowsy Pull String Chatty... 06/2021 C $280.27
mattel blonde drowsy doll w pink bow 15 classic Mattel Blonde Drowsy Doll W Pink Bow 15 Classic... 06/2021 C $267.81
mattel blonde drowsy doll w pink bow 15 classic Mattel Blonde Drowsy Doll W Pink Bow 15 Classic... 07/2021 C $227.64
1999 mattel baby drowsy doll girl blonde hair pink 1999 Mattel Baby Drowsy Doll Girl Blonde Hair Pink... 05/2021 C $135.78
no pictureSee all sold items on eBay for more prices07/2021C $-.--

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Comments (5)
Jan - March 9, 2021
Can I change the battery in my drowsy doll?
No idea, I can't find any information on this...
Pam - April 14, 2015
How much are you asking for this Drowsy doll ? My daughter had one when she was little and I believe she taught her how to talk....she loved that doll and now has a new Grand daughter would love to get this for her, it would mean the world to my daughter....as her big brother took hers apart and she did not work anymore. It broke her heart...please let me know what you are asking for this doll. Thank you, Pam
Thanks for message, I'm sorry but I don't have or sell these dolls. You can click on one of the dolls on this page on the right and buy one on ebay.
Danna - April 7, 2015
How much is she please. i tried going to your website but it doesn't take me to it
I've updated the links Danna!
Pat - January 26, 2014
I want to know if you can supply a talking box formy Drowsy with a pull string. one of her sayings was: I don't want to go to bed and then she laughs
I am sorry I can't help you with that... There are some collectors sites so maybe you can try them or maybe someday a Dowsy will pop up on ebay for parts...
Pat - January 15, 2014
Is it possible to get a replacement talking box for myl964 drowsy please let me know thank you
Some websites are specialized in repairing talking dolls: Mattel Talker, 4theloveofdolls.com, mattel collectables and Mattel doll repair.