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What's your 'Dukes Of Hazzard' worth? Here are some recently sold items (Canada).

Picture Title Date Sold for
Mego Boxed 1981 Backroads Chase General 08/2019 C $2 259.93
Archery Set Factory Sealed W Brown Belt 09/2019 C $1 865.65
Play Tent Hazzard County Garage Tent 09/2019 C $1 113.63
The Cast Autographed Die Cast 1 18 10/2019 C $1 179.12
Orig Enos Police Set Noc 1982 Radio 09/2019 C $879.11

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Comments (5)

Jeff - September 19, 2019
Just wondering what my original packaging unopened 1981 diecast set of 4 cars it’s got the general lee, boss hogs caddy daisy dukes four wheel drive and Roscos cop car!! I brought it back in 2004 for $112 on eBay
I see some of these 4 car sets, made by ERTL, for around AU $150-180

Melissa - August 2, 2019
I have an autographed 1982 General Lee car still in the box. How much is it worth with original autographe. I met them in person.
Hi, take a look here, maybe you can find some info and prices: Autographed general lee.

Ashley - May 9, 2019
How much is my Johnny Lightning Dukes of Hazzard 1969 Dodge Charger General Lee worth? I can't find a value anywhere, but it says it has the year 2007 on the back. It has a photo magnet of Bo and Luke Duke with it. It is a limited edition, 1 of 10,000. I looked it up and it's what they call the "dirty" General Lee
Not sure, but I found this page about it. Maybe you could ask them.

Karl - December 16, 2018
whats my 2000 american mustle ertl collectibles general lee model kit worth
Hi, click on the 'sold listings' on my page to get an idea of value.

Barry - March 31, 2018
I have original dukes of hazzard 1st production unt ...caps Any value ??