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Dulcop is an Italian company established in 1938 in Bologna which manufactures toys, soap bubble products, character figures, and premium figures for several companies such as Kinder Surprise. The company manufactured a variety of plastic toy soldiers until 1995 such as Robin Hood, Zorro, Tarzan, cowboys, knights, Napoleonic and cowboys and Indians. Duclop also once produced toy cars.

Like most European toy soldier companies Dulcop factory painted their early figures. By the 1980s figures were produced unpainted.

Dulcop ceased figure production around 1995 to concentrate on making other toys, soap bubbles, balloons and beach balls.

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Item Title Date Price
6 mounted dulcop u s cavalry 54mm plastic toy soldiers 6 Mounted Dulcop U S Cavalry 54mm Plastic Toy Soldiers 09/2021 C $63.11
25 plastic play set figures marx mpc dulcop g 25 Plastic Play Set Figures Marx Mpc Dulcop G 09/2021 C $8.84
ww2 german axis rare 15 1 32 plastic l k Ww2 German Axis Rare 15 1 32 Plastic L K 09/2021 C $25.25
dulcop zorro set 60mm plastic toy soldiers horses Dulcop Zorro Set 60mm Plastic Toy Soldiers Horses 09/2021 C $69.42
dulcop french napoleonic cavalry napoleon 1 32 all 7 Dulcop French Napoleonic Cavalry Napoleon 1 32 All 7 08/2021 C $30.93
no pictureSee all sold items on eBay for more prices09/2021C $-.--

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