Effanbee was founded ca. 1910 in NY city and the company started producing Effanbee dolls in 1912. The name stands for the company founders Bernard Fleischaker and Hugo Baum, hence F & B. The firm became well known for being the first doll company to made Patsy, a realistically proportioned doll. The Effanbee Company made hard rubber, composition, cloth, vinly and hard plastic dolls.

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Effanbee's most famous, iconic doll was 'Patsy', and she was designed in 1927 by Bernard Lipfert. Patsy depicted a 3-year-old girl with a trendy bob hair cut. Later other Effanbee dolls were introduced as Patsy's friends and also a boyfriend named 'Skippy'. Did you know that Patsy had her own fan club, with over 275,000 members?

Effanbee produced a series of clothes, specifically designed for Patsy, making her one of the first dolls to come with her own wardrobe. The original price in the 1950s for one doll was $29.95 which was very expensive at the time. Famous and popular dolls that have been produced by Effanbee include: Patsy, Skippy, Patsyette, Dydee Baby, Little Lady, Tintair, Ann Shirley, Brenda Starr, American Children by Dewees Cochran, and many more.

Effanbee doll company

Noma Electric purchased the company in 1946. The firm was bought and sold many times over the next 50 years. Vintage Effanbee dolls are great collectibles. Vintage, pre-1960 Effanbee dolls in original (and mint!) condition are highly sought after. However, most vinyl dolls from the 1970s and 1980s sell under their original price.

A new group of investors including the son of the original founders, Bernard Baum, bought the company back in 1953 and during the 1950s, the firm gradually phased out hard plastic dolls in favor of vinyl. They introduced a line of high-heeled glamour dolls and ballerinas, like Jr. Miss Ballerina.

Mold numbers identification

The following mold numbers are attributed to Effanbee: 7c, 27c, 24, 34, 52, 54, 56, 58, 70, 72, 74, 102, 104, 106, 108, 116, 124N, DECO 144, 152, 156, 158, 162, 166, 176, 172, 174, 201, 303, 334, 364, 455, 462, 802, DECO, FanB, F & B, F + B - N.Y. Dco, F + B Dco 6cj N.Y., Patent Pending.


Look here for an Effanbee doll taken apart.

Updated: 26 April 2019

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Comments (8)
Cindy - February 21, 2020
I am looking for a value an Effanbee Baby Button Nose Doll dressed in pink and laying on a pillow. Thank you for your help.
Regularly check this page: Baby Button Nose Dolls to see if this doll will pop up to get some prices.
Brian - February 15, 2020
I have an 1979 Effanbee Faith Wick clown doll with tag number. It is in very good condition. Is it worth anything?
Hi, take a look here on this page and you might find some prices: Effanbee Faith Wick
Angie - December 24, 2019
I have 4 Effanbee dolls, my grandmother gave me them when I was young. ( I am now 53) They are the seasons Summer, Winter, Spring and fall. They have never been out of the boxes. Just wondering if they are worth anything? The boxes have numbers on them 1231 1232 1232
Hi, you could take a look here for prices: Effanbee Seasons.
Susan - December 17, 2019
Trying to figure name of a doll I had maybe got in the 80s she was in a maroon burgundy satin type dress. I want to find one
Hi there, try this link: Effanbee burgundy.
Faro - October 14, 2019
i have 2 60th anniversary effanbee porcelain dolles patsy boy and patsy girl in box like new are they worth anything
Search for Effanbee 60th Anniversary to find out.
Barbara - September 26, 2019
I have my mom's doll and clothes, with McCall patterns for Skippy and Patsy clothes, and am interested in selling everything. My problem is the doll has "Skippy" molded on the back of the head, but "Patsy" on the body. Is that normal? The Skippy head has the hair curl down the forehead.
Hi Barbara, I have read somewhere that is quite possible to find dolls with differently marked heads and bodies. Just make sure if you sell them to mention that in your description.
Barbara - May 22, 2019
What are the sailor mickey dolls worth?
Around 10-30 USD.
Randy - September 25, 2010
looking for u.s.a. presidents about 3 inches tall. front bottom had name,back has presidential years.all came on a semicircle foam stand. missing a few.would like to get missing ones.let me know how.thanks
Are the dolls you have from Effanbee perhaps? Look for Effanbee presidents