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Stuttgart (Ludwigsburg), Germany, 1904 - 1983. Otto and Max Hausser specialized in dolls, toys and military miniatures of composition sawdust and glue, made under the name 'Elastolin'. They also made still banks from 1929-1939.

Elastolin composition figures are made from sawdust, a glue such as casein, and clay (kaolin) molded on a wire armature and hand painted at the factory. In 1912, Otto and Max developed this technique. Some collectors use the term Elastolin to refer to composite figures made by other companies, such as Lineol, as well as those made by Hausser, but this is akin to using the term 'Ford' as a generic term for motor vehicles made by companies other than Ford. Hausser figures almost always have an oval base, and the name 'Elastolin' is found on the underside of the base of almost all Elastolin figures (Note that the 'personality' figures of General Ludendorff and Adolf Hitler have rectangular bases and are Lineol figures).

elastolin french soldier
This French soldier figure was sold on eBay in Jan. 2013 for USD 610

The Elastolin composition figures that are best-known to contemporary collectors are probably the military figures and a similar line of figures representing the paramilitary organizations of the Nazi party. A series of 'personality figures' from the Third Reich era (1933-1945) are also popular with collectors. Many of the latter are also expensive...

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Item Title Date Price
composition toy indian throwing spear elastolin germany Composition Toy Indian Throwing Spear Elastolin Germany 09/2021 C $27.80
elastolin soldier knight norman fighting bowman figure Elastolin Soldier Knight Norman Fighting Bowman Figure 09/2021 C $32.85
elastolin soldier knight norman fighting swordsman Elastolin Soldier Knight Norman Fighting Swordsman 09/2021 C $13.25
elastolin soldier knight norman fighting spearman Elastolin Soldier Knight Norman Fighting Spearman 09/2021 C $19.58
elastolin soldier knight norman archer bowman figure Elastolin Soldier Knight Norman Archer Bowman Figure 09/2021 C $20.85
no pictureSee all sold items on eBay for more prices10/2021C $-.--

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Comments (3)
James - September 20, 2019
I have about 20 Elastolin and Lionel WW2 German soldiers
Nice! If you want to know value, visit Elastolin WW2 figures.
Don - September 21, 2012
Elastolin Lineol:I am looking to put together a set over time of the Italian/ Ethiopian, Abyssinian War , Lineol makes a set. would you know who would have such a set.Thanks ,Don
James - August 30, 2012
Just bought a box with at least 45 pieces of cowboy and IndiansSome standing , most riding, also a wagon with two horses and Figure. They where in the original Elastolin box. All in very good condition.