Hawthorne, California. From early 1950's (as UNGAR) into the late 1970's, Eldon was a leading manufacturer of plastic 'Selectronic' slot car sets. Also famous for 'Skee-Ball' and 'Bowl-A-Matic' games. Toys also included a wide variety of inventive plastic cars, trucks, toys boats and Billy Blastoff figures.

They were aquired by Cox Industries in 1979.

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Bud - November 4, 2019
Hello there! For years I have owned a 3 masted ship with ELDON written near the front ...dark brown with cream colored, soft plastic sails.Approx. 21" long. Has the attachable weighted keel for actual water use. It has incredibly detailed rigging and is extremely fragile. Any info available on it would be appreciated...Bud
Sorry, can't find much about Eldon boats. I see a lot of 1 and 2 masted ships though, ranging from 45 to 100 USD.
Ed - June 15, 2019
I have a 1969 eldon Riverside Enduro double loop ho scale road race set that i was given several years ago and i cant seem to find any info on it for a value, it is in good condition with the original box and paperwork, it does work. Thank you for any insite you can provide
Hi Ed, one was offered on eBay in January 2018, but it went unsold. Asking price was $430, so maybe that was a bit too steep.
Azdi - October 7, 2017
I have a child's sand bucket with Mickey Mouse on the front. It is soft plastic. Under Mickey it says Walt Disney Productions. On the bottom It says Eldon Los Angeles. I can't find any info about it. Does anyone have any idea how old it is? It looks like maybe the 50s.
Mike - December 28, 2014
hi am trying to find a 1950 s Eldon seagrave hook and ladder fire truck to buy. ( I had one when I was akid 50 years ago) saw one at muscle cars.com on ebay but sold in 2011. also saw there was a pumper said Eldon fire dept made in los angeles. these must be very rare or not advertised. maybe I don't look in the right places. don't seem to be on e bay. is there anhyway you can helpme find these? seagrave hook and ladder and or pumper? please helpif you can I guess if they are scarce they are probably also expensive. pleae replyh. thank you mike.
Hello Mike, very difficult indeed. Found one on ebay I thought, but turned out to be a money bank: eldon fire truck
Garth - July 3, 2013
As Ex. G.M. of Eldon and founder of Entex I will try to answer any questions.
Wow, thats great, thanks Garth!
Don - July 25, 2011
Need some info. on Eldon Inds. I need to know value and how much to pay for a orange poweride race car with battery and charger????how old is it??any value???Thx's
Don - July 21, 2011
Hi and thx/s I need some info. before i buy this toy car i found. It is made by the famous Eldon Co. It is about 2" long and 1 1/2 " wide rideable little kids race car. It has a small seat and steering wheel and has an electric transformer or charger to make this thing driveable..I think it is from around the 70"s..Thx's any help and value is great.