Also known as Mansei Toy Co. Ltd., Haji was a small Tokyo based toy maker founded in 1951 in Tokyo, Japan.

Haji focused mainly on producing tin toys in the the vehicle category, but occasionally produced other tin win-up toys as well.

Haji is not known to have produced any tin toys after the 1960's.

Strutting Sam toy dancer from Haji toys.

Haji value and price guide

What's your 'Haji' worth? Here are some recently sold items (Canada).

Picture Title Date Sold for
1958 Tin Litho Toy Car Ford Edsel 07/2019 C $998.07
1958 Tin Litho Toy Car Ford Edsel 08/2019 C $801.08
1958 Tin Litho Toy Car Ford Edsel 10/2019 C $742.71
Tin Space Toy 60 S Japanese Sputnik Bank 09/2019 C $647.75
Rare 1960 Tin Friction Honda Girl Cycle 09/2019 C $229.82

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Comments (2)

Fernando - August 28, 2016
Hi! I got a number 69 freight train set, made by haji toys. I can't find any information about this model. You have something? Thanx for your time!

Joe - July 2, 2013
does anyone know the track scale for the Haji no 34 western train set?
Most probably this set is in the 'S SCALE'. I found this info on