Hartoy is an American promotional company that, besides producing its own American Highway Legends series of 1:64 scale trucks in various liveries, takes basic models from Lledo and others and, through a licensing agreement with numerous companies, customizes them with advertising and logos.

Hartoy Coca-Cola

A series of Coca-Cola vehicles and Chevron gas station promotionals are some of the better-known models from Hartoy. American Highway Legends is now the most prominent series from Hartoy.

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Comments (5)
Rick - February 4, 2020
Dear sir,I need to clear up an item in your price column. The PEM Roadway terminal set nr. MI 9801, 1/64 did not sell for $196.98...We negotiated a price of $150.00.
Thanks for this Rick! Unfortunately, these prices I get from eBay and somehow it's impossible to obtain the 'end' (after offer) prices... I'll see if I can fix this.
George - April 20, 2015
I have 2 1967 Hartoy Coca Cola die cast trucks.In box, never used, trying to get an approx. value.Thanks
I think originally there were four, not sure what to get for them though. Keep an eye on ebay.
Tom - May 11, 2013
i have a mack semi of the Yellow Transit Co freight lines. i am trying to find out more info on it. it says 1991 on the bottom. can you assist me with this. it is in great shape but without a box to put it in. thank you
Toni - July 31, 2011
How much is a Hartoy Winn Dixie archives collection model no. 1 worth? In excellent condition and original packaging.
Dawn - July 15, 2011
I have a set of six Hartoy Inc/ Lledo Budweiser Models of days gone delivery vehicles. We are trying to figure out how much they are worth. Still in box. Not ever played with. Just curious. 1/64 scale I believe. Thanks