Tinkerbell Nursery was created early in 2003 and comprises just one artist, Helen Jalland.

Helen has been working with dolls for the past 20 years and has been involved with most aspects of doll making, reborning being the most recent.

Helen JallandWebsite: www.tinkerbellnursery.com

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Helen Jalland Reborn forum

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Comments (6)
Pat - April 17, 2020
i just love all of helens babys she is the best prototype reborner ever all the babys are so beautiful and real lifelike babys i have admired your work for years
Hi Pat, thanks for your kind words :-), but I'm not affiliated with Helen. Maybe you can contact her through her website.
Joan - February 1, 2020
I purchased a real born from Helen with the smiling face. Wonderful. Her craftsmanship is first class.
She is a true artist indeed! Enjoy your real born :-)
Linda - December 20, 2019
Am currently bidding n your laughing baby prototype on eBay. Juat love your work! What is that doll's name?
Hi there, I'm not the seller of the doll you bid on, sorry. Hope you won the auction :-)
Mary - January 18, 2019
Helen, I purchased a Jennie doll from BB. You were one of the prototype artist. I love the eyes in your doll. Would you be able to tell me where to get these eyes?
Hi Mary! Best is to contact Helen through her official website which you can find on this page.
Martha - April 27, 2018
I want to know to contact Helen to reborn me a Chloe by Ann Timmerman
You can try to contact Helen through her website, see the link in the description.
Jennifer - October 24, 2011
Hello, I've viewed the beautiful babies on your web sight and wondered if you make Ryan by Natalie Scholl. If so, what is the cost for the baby. I live in the US
I am sorry but I don't make reborn dolls, I only have ebay listings on my website.