Haunted House by Ideal Toys was another game designed for Ideal by the great Marvin Glass and Associates.

This board game was introduced in 1962, and gave four players a tour of a ghostly mansion full of traps and spooky surprises. By modern standards, the fright factor is laughable, but the sculpting and presentation still make it a very interesting piece. In a clever twist, rather than using a set of dice or a typical spinner for randomizing board movement, Haunted House includes an owl spinner that hoots when the lever is pulled.

For a board game, this thing came in a huge box... easily twice as tall and wide as your average one these days. Then again, the board itself wasn't your typical rectangular shape, but we'll get to that soon enough. First you gotta just appreciate that classic spine-chilling artwork on the box... everything about it just screams classic Halloween. Yes indeedy, they don't make 'em like that anymore, that's for sure.

Originally, the owl spinner wasn't just a piece of cardboard with a metal pointer that you spun around. No, it was actually a plastic owl box with a lever 'n everything. Unfortunately, the original owl spinner boxes had a tendency to break - probably because some kids would yank the lever too hard or something. So, they eventually replaced the plastic lever owl spinner with the cardboard one instead. Of course, let's not forget that this was also a more cost-effective solution for them too.

In another interesting twist, some of the doors have a slotted mechanism that only sometimes triggers them to open. The player would enter the slot at the near edge and push their game piece forward to either pop the door open, or rotate the slot one notch, adding a random element to movement instructions.

Updated: 13 April 2021

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