Paris, France, 1899-1965. Known originally as the Société Industriel de Ferblanterie, the firm underwent a name change to J de P in 1928, its contemporary came about in 1932.

jep toysLithographed, tin, clockwork toy automobiles, motorcycles, aircraft and other motor miniatures. JEP cars traditionally carried a trademark on the radiator of the particular vehicle replicated.

Jep value and price guide

What's your 'Jep' worth? Here are some recently sold items (Canada).

Picture Title Date Sold for
Locomotives Echelle O Hornby Meccano 08/2019 C $882.59
Hydravion Jouet Ancien Jouet Tole Ancien 09/2019 C $1 094.12
Ech O Loco Cc 7001 Version 2 Moteurs 08/2019 C $676.90
Early French O Scale Electric Engine 08/2019 C $594.07
Canot Ruban Bleu N 1 électrique Jouet 09/2019 C $525.18

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Comments (2)

Alan - November 23, 2018
I wish to buy the moteur electrique de locomotive £31.01.
Hi, you have to put a bid on eBay for this I'm afraid.

Sheri - October 14, 2012
Hi I just found a bunch of jep track and a tunnel for a horby train would this this be something worth posting for sale?
Absolutely, there always collectors trying to get their hands on old train stuff. And besides if you don't want it every penny is worth the sale ;-)