The game's creator, David W. Knapp, was an inventor who marketed battery operated games. It was made during a period of time in which the public was fascinated with the concepts of electricity and communications.

The box lid features a picture of the then communication towers at night. The lid is hinged to the box bottom, and the inside of the lid not only features information about the game and the battery, but also includes the Morse and Continental Telegraph Codes.

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Comments (2)
Colin - February 28, 2019
Hello could you please tell me what battery fits the knapp questioner also which end is positive thanks
Good question! I think you can use any battery that fits, looks like a D cell, not sure. I think it needs some kind of container for the battery... I found a picture of the battery here (scroll through the pics).
William - January 28, 2014
Is this for sale? Contact me ASAP. Thank you. W. Bauer
Hello, you can click on the items you see on this page and you will be redirected to eBay where you can buy them.