Little Professor

The Little Professor was a children's calculator, that also helps them learn math. It was first introduced by Texas Instruments on June 13, 1976. As the first electronic educational toy, the Little Professor is a common item on calculator and video game collectors' lists.

It would give the player 3 chances to solve a math expression. So when the user turns the Little Professor on and selects a difficulty level, an incomplete equation such as "5 x 8 =" appears on the LED screen. The player has three chances to enter the correct number. If the answer is incorrect, the screen displays "EEE". After every 10 problems, it would display how many correct first answers were given for each set.

In 1976, the Little Professor cost less than $20. More than 1 million units sold in 1977.

1976, LED/LCD, 9 Volt.

Updated: 4 October 2020

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