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Lledo started in 1982. It was the end of era Lesney Products (Matchbox Toys Ltd.), this company had gone bankrupt on June 11, 1982. Universal Toys, owned by David Yeh, came up as the buyer on September 24, 1982 and move factory to Hong Kong. During a few years ˝Lesney Products“ was removed from all molds. Jack Odell (who was the ex-president of Matchbox) along with Bert Russel created a new diecast model company which they named “Lledo“ ( Odell spelled bacwards). Odell believed that British models for British collectors could still be profitably produced in England. In the summer of 1982 Jack and Bert bought up much of the Lesney tooling and machinery from Matchbox factory in Enfield, Essex and and they set about an eight month tooling-up programme for six models which became known as the 'Days Gone' series.

1987 saw the launch of the first of Lledo's 3 piece themed sets. It commemorated the 75th Anniversary of the Royal Flying Corps and was presented in a special full-colour pack, with the 3 models representing early airfield support vehicles. Only 10,000 of these sets were produced, each with a numbered certificate of authenticity. They proved hugely popular with Lledo enthusiasts and set a new trend in Days Gone collecting. Today this set has already appreciated in value and a good example is worth around £50.

Following the early success of the limited edition sets, Lledo went a stage further in 1989, the year of the 50th Anniversary of the Battle of Britain. Two commemorative sets were produced, one a limited edition of 10,000 pieces and the second an open, or unlimited set. Both contained different models representing airfield support vehicles from the early days of the Battle of Britain and for each set sold Lledo made a donation to the RAF Benevolent Fund. The open set was a phenomenal success and created a new milestone in the company's history. In just 12 months it generated, as a single model, a turnover of over £1 million.

In the year 1998 Lledo was the largest die-cast model making company still manufacturing in the UK employing around 300 people, and producing over 6 million models per year.

In 1999, Corgi purchased certain assets from Lledo, including the right to the brand name of Lledo and certain tooling, for almost 2 million pounds.

Days gone list of models














Coronation Street

Lledo Star Cars (based on various television shows) were released in sets, usually of 4 to 6 models. One of them was Coronation Street. There was also a Vintage Set in this series, consisting of 4 Newton & Ridley steam powered lorries in pink boxes.

Updated: 27 July 2020

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Lledo value and price guide

What's your Lledo worth in 2021? Here are some recently sold items.

Item Title Date Price
9 models lledo whisky trail collection 4 flat empty 9 Models Lledo Whisky Trail Collection 4 Flat Empty 10/2021 C $252.34
1983 lledo models of days gone 38 car vehicle boxes 1983 Lledo Models Of Days Gone 38 Car Vehicle Boxes 10/2021 C $125.23
lledo days gone land speed legends collectors set 5 Lledo Days Gone Land Speed Legends Collectors Set 5 10/2021 C $124.45
days gone of 35 mixed 1983 diecast models by lledo m i Days Gone Of 35 Mixed 1983 Diecast Models By Lledo M I 09/2021 C $92.19
lledo days gone pioneers of aviation diecast airplane 7 Lledo Days Gone Pioneers Of Aviation Diecast Airplane 7 09/2021 C $125.18
no pictureSee all sold items on eBay for more prices12/2021C $-.--

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Comments (24)
Andy - September 9, 2021
Got 2 sets of triple pack Glasgow Bus Gift Set, on one set two of the buses the roof is in dark green as opposed to the light green of the upper deck, looked online and all sets appear to have only the light green, any ideas?
No idea, sorry...
Jane - September 6, 2021
I have 11 days gone originals still in their box
4 walkers crisp vgc
Happy to sell as a collection
Lennon - July 24, 2021
hello did Lledo ever make a taxi version of the model t
if so ive got one is it worth anything.
I think so yes, have a look here: LLedo Taxi Ford T.
Dawn - June 20, 2021
Hi there I have a lledo black ambulance with Coventry & warwickshire Saturday Fund along the side made in the early 1990s to commemorate the Strathclyde /Coventry Games for people with learning disabilities. It has never been taken out of its box - is it worth anything?
Probably a couple of pounds. There are too many Lledo models for sale right now, so value is a bit low.
Mitchell - April 5, 2021
Hello John, my name is Mitchell and I am writing on behalf of my father, whos has a substantial LLedo Dys Gone collection and is looking to sell as he has to move house and will not have enough room where he is going. What we would like to know are two things.
Firstly, where is the best place to get a price guide and secondly, where is the best play to sell as ajob lot or as seperate items, are there any specialist websites for these?
Thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope to hear from you soon
Debra - January 7, 2021
I have about 300 Days Gone By and am interested in selling them. Do you know who may be interested?
Selling them as a lot would be fastest. Try to find Facebook groups with collectors or maybe eBay.
Philip - September 25, 2020
We are auctioning over 300 boxed Lledo cars this coming Sunday if your interested you can view the catalogue at charnwoodauctions.bidspirit.com to bid online.
Kind regards
Natalie - May 19, 2020
Hi. I have 2 day's gone by cars. I have a blue J.Lyons
I'm afraid your question didn't get through. You can try again, but don't use special characters because sometimes it'll mess up the form ;-)
Charles - April 13, 2020
I am looking for the following Days Gone Lledo models if anyone can help please. They are: DG14.000A San Diego Ford A car Fire Chief inn gold lettering. DG22.009A Soho Dairies Black body. DG24. Gold On Plinth model. DG54.003A. Gold Metal.Thank you in anticipation
Hi, you can search this site with your model numbers. Scroll up, and on the right you can type: 'Lledo DG22', 'Lledo dg54', etc. Maybe you get some prices.
Steph - February 27, 2020
Hello !Hope you can help...I have recently inherited my Dad's beloved collection of Vans... He was a Days Gone By Collector Club member 43319219
Looks like only part of your message came through... I'm also not affiliated with Days Gone By or their Collector's Club.
Keith - October 31, 2019
was there a heartbeat series ford Anglia police car
Hmmm... good question! Have a look here to find out: LLedo Anglia Police cars.
Mark - October 4, 2019
Hi, I have a set called days gone, 60 years RW1003. It is a limited edition set to commemorate the diamond wedding, Only 5000 made and to me it looks it perfect condition. I believe my late farther bought it new. Would like to know if worth selling or I may just keep, looked through eBay and say none for sale, thanks in advance
I did find these, maybe it helps: Corgi RW1003.
Steve - August 8, 2019
Looking for a complete list of all Days Gone lledo models, tried matchbox and Hornby without success.....I can't believe someone doesnt have a list, even hard to find out what's in various collections Thanks
Hi, I have added a list to this page, have a look. Hope this is what you're looking for!
Andy - July 10, 2019
I use to collect lledo cars in the 80s and 90s and have quite a collection, still have some in original boxes too, any idea what they'd be worth?
Hi Andy, sorry no idea. Best is to take a few models which you think are worth the most and look for prices on for example eBay. Or go to this page: Lledo collections, sort on 'price highest' to see what other people ask for their collection.
Stephanie - March 8, 2019
I have two items I bought at an estate sale where the person was somehow involved with Texaco. The branding is Lledo Promotional Models. One says Texaco Refinery Ladder
Lledo made many promotional model cars and other items. To see what they are roughly worth, visit this page: Lledo Promotional Models. You can then click on 'sold listings' to see ended auctions.
Dave - July 1, 2018
Wonder if anyone can help as I’ve looked on line and can’t find it,it’s just curiosity it’s a Wakefield Castro’s motor oil truck it looks like a money box as there is a slot in the back on the bottom it says limited edition and in silver says 3166 hope this helps
Paul - November 10, 2017
I have a collection of sixty-nine 'Lledo - Models Of Days Gone' vehicles, all in perfect condition, all but five boxed (three boxes with some damage). These models were collected by me in England before 1996, and include vans, cars, tankers, fire trucks, buses and charabancs. Model numbers stamped on the bottom of the vehicles are DG6-DG8, DG7-DG9, DG7-9-13-14, DG10-DG12, DG15, DG16, DG17, DG18-DG19, DG18-19-22-24-25, DG18/19/22/24/26, DG20, DG21, DG21-26.I am interested to know the value of these models (or a reference source where I can find prices) and the best place to sell them.I hope there is somebody out there who can help.
Richard - September 7, 2017
Hello. I am looking through my fathers Lledo collection and have a model I can't identify. It is a classic Rolls Royce but the colours are very unusual; the body is royal blue and the mudguards and roof are bright red. The wheels are red with cream tyres. It is in a box titled 'Promotional Model' and carries a 1983 copyright but nothing else but a starburst with nothing printed in it, Please can anyone offer me any advice with identifying this model? Thanks!
Sorry, I'm not an expert on Lledo, but could it be different parts, taken from other Rolls Royces? There are some with red roofs... Take a look on this page, maybe you can identify yours: lledo rolls royce.
Alison - August 17, 2013
i have a limited edition boxed set of five post office delivery vans,including one horse drawn. it is made by lledo and commissioned by An Post, the irish postal delivery service. The number of the set is 2576. i would like to know how much it is worth if i was to buy it today
I have seen one set on eBay, as new, it went for 11 GBP (17 USD) but the horse drawn was missing.
Lulu - March 30, 2013
Hi i have recently see a gold plated lledo model tram produced to celabrate 50th anniversary of chrich tramway museum society . any info on it please i am looking for my gramps who is a very keen tram collector.They are asking quite a loti think £15 How much should i go up to?Lulu
Brent - November 14, 2010
Hello. I have a set of 4 vehicles in the Coca Cola promotion line. Labelled as coca cola brand trucks. No date. manufactured by Lledo, England. Proberly early 90's vintage. Have complete set of 4. Are they worth anything to collectors?
Not sure, but I found a website with model numbers, maybe you can compare them with yours: www.lledoshuffle.co.uk.
Les - October 11, 2010
Hi can you please tell me if lledo made a N.R.M.A motor bike
Anonymous - October 7, 2010
I have a full set of days gone models mint condition unopened boxes including 5 Minis that were made for Fina petroleum promotion in approx 1984-85 I would love to know the value if any.
David - August 19, 2010
I have a set of the Public Services Collection which I bought some years ago in a shop in Keynsham. I would be interested in knowing how much they are worth.