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..or Maerklin is a German toy company, founded in 1859. Although it originally specialised in doll house accessories, today it is best known for model railways and technical toys.

Marklin logoIn some parts of Germany, the company's name is almost synonymous with model railroads.

Märklin released its first wind-up train with cars that ran on expandable track in 1891, noting that railroad toys had the potential to follow the common practice of doll houses, in which the initial purchase would be enhanced and expanded with more accessories for years after the initial purchase. To this end, Märklin offered additional rolling stock and track with which to expand its boxed sets.

Märklin is responsible for the creation of virtually every popular model railroad gauge or scale, with only noteworthy exceptions being N scale and Wide gauge. In 1891, Märklin defined gauges 1-5 as standards for toy trains and presented them at the Leipzig Toy Fair. They soon became international standards. Märklin followed with O gauge (by some accounts as early as 1895 or as late as 1901), H0 scale in 1935, and the diminutive Z scale in 1972 ? this is the smallest commercially available scale, 1:220.

Today, Märklin manufactures and markets trains and accessories in Gauge 1, H0 scale, and Z scale. In 1994 Märklin acquired a Nuremberg based model train manufacturer Trix. Today Trix is another brand of Märklin Holding and covers N-scale and DC-operated HO scale. Märklin's older trains are considered highly collectible today, and Märklin's current offerings enjoy premium status among hobbyists.

Although Märklin is best known for its trains, from 1914 to 1999, the company produced mechanical construction sets similar to Meccano and Erector. Between 1967 and 1982, the company produced a slotcar system called Märklin Sprint. Märklin also produced numerous other toys over the years, including lithographed tinplate toy automobiles and boats.

On 11th May 2006, the company, which had until then been owned by the three families Märklin, Friz and Safft, was sold to the British investment group Kingsbridge Capital, with the support of the employees. The new shareholders plan to restructure the company and make it profitable again. The purchase price was approximately $38 million. At the time, Märklin had approximately $70.5 million in debt, as a result of several years of slumping sales.

Over the years, the Märklin marque became valuable to model train collectors, some of the very early models fetching impressive prices on auction. In January 2005, the Märklin museum in Göppingen, Germany, was burglarised and more than 100 pieces, with an estimated value of more than 1 million Euros, were stolen. The items, which included one-of-a-kind prototypes along with pieces that dated back to 1891, were recovered in March 2005.

The range of products is extensive and collectors also pay attention to the packaging that were used for the products.

The Märklin toy company systematically included a print run number on almost all their printed material, including the boxes in which their products shipped. These print run numbers indicate the printer and also the month and year of printing. This is very useful for dating an item that is known to be associated with some printed material. The second group of digits indicates the catalogue number. The last set of numeric digits in the print run number indicates the month and year that the item was printed. The last group of letters identifies the printer.

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Marklin value and price guide

What's your Marklin worth in 2021? Here are some recently sold items.

Item Title Date Price
marklin 3636 ae6 6 7 passengers cars 4236 42163 42178 Marklin 3636 Ae6 6 7 Passengers Cars 4236 42163 42178 11/2021 C $632.20
a6543 ho marklin german crane 3 freight cars A6543 Ho Marklin German Crane 3 Freight Cars 11/2021 C $30.28
marklin ho switch distribution blocks plugs Marklin Ho Switch Distribution Blocks Plugs 11/2021 C $36.67
marklin 5202 ho remote left right switch pair Marklin 5202 Ho Remote Left Right Switch Pair 11/2021 C $32.86
marklin ho ac 1 87 deutsche hitler wwii dr introduction Marklin Ho Ac 1 87 Deutsche Hitler Wwii Dr Introduction 11/2021 C $347.70
no pictureSee all sold items on eBay for more prices12/2021C $-.--

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Comments (9)
Stephanie - May 28, 2020
I have a nr. 3065 diesel locomotive and a nr. 3097 locomotive a tender separe. They were my husbands I would like to sell them to someone who loves these trains.
Hi Stephanie, you can look here for some prices: Marklin 3065 and Marklin 3097. Fastest way to sell them is through eBay, Craigslist or maybe you can find a Facebook group for dedicated Marklin collectors.
Kuran - August 27, 2019
HiI have a marklin sk809n 3207 train set, all original in excellent condition. It comes with the original invoice from the time of purchase. Do you have any information on this set?
Looks like you've got something really nice. There is a SK800 3207 for sale right now on eBay, take a look here. I'm afraid I can't give you specific info on your set, sorry.
William - April 28, 2019
I have a Marklin nr.21976 complete in box used ho train set and want to know if their is any value to this set as everything works as it should. I would like to know year this set was made or any other information will be very helpful thank you for your time.
I think you have nr. 29176 or you have a Lionel set. One Marklin 29176 set (boxed) was sold recently for 75 GBP (around 100 USD).
Thomas - April 6, 2019
I have an HS 800 electric loco in good condition (leading truck wheel missing) and 2 RS 800 4-6-2 streamline steam locos in poor condition. Both are 7 pin hand rail and 1 appears to be chemically blackened. Bodies good,mechanically bad. Anyone interested?
Messages can be send through this form, I'll forward them.
Peter - May 23, 2014
I am trying to find some spare partes for three locomotives, A SLR800 1938 and a T800 1938/46 plus a HR800 1946 can you supply me with this information please
Not sure... There is a T800 for sale on ebay right now, click here or click here for a related forum.
Iskandar - March 5, 2012
hai, do you have marklin Ctrack (curve track) R1 code 24130 ? if you have in you stock, I need a 47 pcs Regards, Iskandar
If you search for marklin c track 24130 you might find some.
Don - February 22, 2012
Hi, 2 questions: where are your trains made now? are they available in "starter sets" in Canda. My grandson is interested and we would like get him started. Thanks
To my knowledge they are still produced in Goppingen, Germany. On this website you can find marklin starter sets.
Sandra - April 10, 2011
have several cars and few bridges etc. and a engine marked TM800 old I think 1949 can you tell me the value in good condition. thanks
The value of the Marklin TM 800 is between 100-200 USD. Take a look here for more prices.
Richard - September 26, 2010
I have a 00 gauge Marklin train set bought new Germany in 1950.
The engine was renewed in 1990 as the original wheel castings broke up. I need to replace the wiring from the transformer to points/signal & track and try and source additional stock