Engelbreit attributes her beginnings in art to getting eyeglasses in second grade and being able to see details of the world around her clearly for the first time. After meeting her first artist, at age 9, she became convinced she needed her own studio space, which her mother helped set up in the family linen closet.

Hot Buttered Graphics

Interested in art throughout her school years, the artist eventually began to work for a local advertising company, Hot Buttered Graphics. Hoping to work as an illustrator of children's books, she shopped her portfolio around New York City without success.

'Life is just a bowl of cherries'

At the suggestion of one art director, she began working in greeting cards; her first nationally distributed greeting card featured a malapropism that played off the old saying, "Life is just a bowl of cherries," and showed a girl looking at a chair piled high with bowls, with the legend "Life is just a chair of bowlies." Engelbreit has been married to Phil Delano, a social worker, since 1977; in 1986 they formed their own company, presently called Mary Engelbreit Studios. The couple had two children, Evan, born 1980, and Will, born 1983. Evan passed away in June of 2000.

She has her own star on the St. Louis Walk of Fame.

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Comments (2)
M. - June 16, 2017
Limited edition Porcelain Collectible Mary Engelbreit FOR YOU 0032 1986 Printed in Korea. I would like to know the value of this porcelain figure. Thank you!
Rg - March 13, 2012
I have a Limited Edition (#596 of 6000) of Engelbreit's "Queen of Everything" 1987 porcelain figurine. I'm not a collector, but I know there are collectors out there who would be interested in this. It's in good shape, with the tag...number plainly visible on the bottom... but I don't have the box. Any idea of it's worth? It needs to be with a collection instead of in a yard sale box.
I am afraid I can't find anything about your figure... Though I do find other 'Queen of Everything' items.