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Mille Bornes (French for a thousand milestones, referring to the stone distance markers on many French roads) is a French card game.

In the United States, Mille Bornes is manufactured and distributed by Winning Moves Games under license from Hasbro. It was previously produced by Parker Brothers and is commonly available in stores that sell games.

Edmond Dujardin

The game was created in 1954 by Frenchman Edmond Dujardin, and was quite similar to the earlier American automotive card game Touring. A key innovation was the addition of the coup-fourré, whereby bonus points are earned by holding back a safety card (such as the puncture-proof tire) until an opponent plays the corresponding hazard card (in this case, the flat tire).

Some Mille Bornes decks are printed in both English and French. The Spanish version Mil Hitos, distributed by Heraclio Fournier, was very popular in Spain during the 1970s. In the Netherlands there is a variant of this game, rijwielspel or Stap Op, which deals with cycling instead of driving. The hazards and distances are different, but the mechanics of the game are exactly the same. The premise of Mille Bornes is that the players are in a Auto racing. Each 'race', or hand, is usually 700 miles or kilometers long (1000 for the standard 4-player game), but the first player to complete that distance exactly has the option to declare an extension in which case the race becomes 1000 miles, hence the name of the game which means 'one thousand milestones'. The object of the game is to reach 5000 points, which normally takes several hands.

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Here you can download the rules for Mille Bornes (PDF).

Updated: 28 September 2021

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Comments (3)
Paul - March 28, 2019
I have an old game of Mille Bornes. I have the rule book, but there is also an "Introduction to Parker Brothers French Card Game Mille Bornes," that I only have part of. It starts out, "Pretend that you are driving a car and your goal...". Is it possible to get a copy of that?
You mean the French Card Game? Try this link: Mille Bornes French.
Gake - March 14, 2019
I have the 1960 American Model bi-lingual version of Mille Bornes. I want to sell it but can't find ANYTHING about this edition on Ebay or Etsy. How much is it worth? Thanks for any help
You mean this one? Not sure if they have more value than the 'normal' versions.
Laurie - September 9, 2014
Would you please help me get the rules to play Mille Bornes? We have the game (but haven't played in awhile), and cannot find the directions. Thanks!
I found the rules in PDF and uploaded them to my website. You can find the file here: Mille Bornes rules