The American Company Aurora was founded in the 1950s by John Cuomo, Abe Shikes and Joe Giammarino and is well known for their HO (1/87-scale) line of slot racing products. In 1960 Aurora introduced the first electric powered slot cars.

By 1965 Aurora had sold over 25 million HO slot cars. Aurora bought K&B in 1965 to get a share on the 1/32-market. Aurora started to produce in the same year some models on that scale, but it was a flop.

The models were not competitive. Aurora called these models A-jets. The "A" stood for American. The American models carried an American flag sticker on the doors, but some came without flags or stripes. Not only cars were produced but also a few Thundercycles and a Wheelie trike. Aurora's production of 1/32-scale models ceased in 1971.

Aurora held more market share than than any of its slot car competitors, no matter what scale. Probably the most memorable of the Aurora slot cars was the Thunderjet 500 in 1963. Some slot-historians claim that the diversity is actually partially responsible for Aurora's demise. From the earliest days after acquiring Playcraft's Highway slot car system, to Postage Stamp Trains and 1:32 scale slot cars, Aurora tried to offer something for everyone.


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