Mattel added the Francie doll as Barbie's cousin. The first issue was a straight legs doll and had painted on eyelashes.

Francie doll was the 1st doll on the Mattel Barbie line to have rooted eyelashes.

Francie value and price guide

What's your 'Francie' worth? Here are some recently sold items (Canada).

Picture Title Date Sold for
Japanese Lusive Furisode Kimono Fr2230 08/2019 C $2 383.83
Japanese Lusive Outfit Ds2245 08/2019 C $2 244.77
Robe Lusivit Japonaise Ds2240 En Bo Te D 08/2019 C $1 906.82
1960 S Large Lot Barbie Mattel Labels 09/2019 C $1 711.25
Original Mattel Black Barbie Doll Long 08/2019 C $1 589.22

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