British doll artist Philip S. Heath was a sculptor/designer of artist dolls of limited editions, prototypes, one of a kind OOAK originals in vinyl and porcelain. He was a master at capturing a child's heart and soul and all of his dolls are sculpted after real children. Heath sculpted for Goetz doll manufacturer that produced his dolls in vinyl. He was known for his limited edition, hand painted child dolls modeled on real children from around the world. He sculpted for Goetz for quite a few years who in turn produced his dolls in vinyl. They started at $500.00 and ended up around $2,000 at the end. Every year he would sculpt a child after a real child he found in his travels and dress one as the "lost" child and one dressed up after they were "found." All of the Goetz dolls are completely sold out and have been for a few. Philip decided to leave Goetz in 2000 and explore other avenues. In 2001 he opened his own doll studio in Valencia, Spain and started painting all the faces of the vinyl dolls himself.

His Lost and Found and Past and Present series of dolls were created in pairs, showing before and after depiction of the same child at different moments in his or her life. Philip Heath dolls includes collections such as Postcards from Greece Collection 1998, World of Children Collection (Goetz), Renaissance Collection 2001, Ethnic Collection 2003, Contrast Collection.

Heath died on November 28, 2011 in Worcestershire in the United Kingdom. He was 62 years old.

I wish to make dolls that express an emotional quality, which is the reason the potrait theme is particularly interesting to me. I try to make the finished doll 'speak' its own individual message.
- Philip Heath

28 April 2021

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gotz doll luisa by philip heath limited edition Gotz Doll Luisa By Philip Heath Limited Edition 08/2021 C $836.70
will by phillip heath for götz 1999 Will By Phillip Heath For Götz 1999 09/2021 C $680.51
hard to find life like intan for gotz by philip heath Hard To Find Life Like Intan For Gotz By Philip Heath 08/2021 C $365.67
36 artist philip heath vinyl cloth body irene 1997 36 Artist Philip Heath Vinyl Cloth Body Irene 1997 08/2021 C $365.67
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Magali - July 25, 2021
Hello, I have a "Felicia" doll from 1993, doll number 8 of 24. Could you please give me an idea of her value?
Thank you in advance.
I'm sorry, I have no idea because I can't find this particular doll.