Sanko toys

Logo: Letter Y in a circle. Sometimes misidentified as Yone or Yonezawa.

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Sanko value and price guide

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Item Title Date Price
sanko myles forever dreaming cd Sanko Myles Forever Dreaming Cd 09/2021 C $8.68
sanko rabbit hair ball relief papaya paste supplement Sanko Rabbit Hair Ball Relief Papaya Paste Supplement 09/2021 C $20.94
mabuchi sanko original cassette deck capstan motor for Mabuchi Sanko Original Cassette Deck Capstan Motor For 09/2021 C $31.72
sanko nutrient enriched food for raising larvae Sanko Nutrient Enriched Food For Raising Larvae 09/2021 C $34.13
sanko hedgehog food 1 kg Sanko Hedgehog Food 1 Kg 09/2021 C $41.98
no pictureSee all sold items on eBay for more prices10/2021C $-.--

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1 comment
Marc - February 16, 2013
I am trying to find out more info on the Sanko they use a marking with a y and a circle.. are they still in business? or is it safe to say the toys with this marking are truly vintage..
They seem to be still in business according to this page, however it's difficult to find any info on the company, so it's the question if they still make toys. I did found a Japanese company with the same name producing molds in all kinds of shapes and materials, so that might bee them. I think it is safe to say toys bearing the Sanko mark are vintage.