Smith-Miller Toy Co.

Founded in Los Angeles, California and operated from 1944 to 1958. Fred Thompson in California acquired the Smith-Miller name as well as existing stock in the spring of 1979.

Fred had bought Smith-Miller trucks as a kid. He still had several and needed parts to restore them. Unlike today, original or replacement parts for Smith-Miller trucks were not available. Not to be deterred, Fred called information in Santa Monica where he thought the company had last been located but with no luck. For some reason that he cannot explain or remember, a few weeks later he called Los Angeles information. After considerable time spent by an unusually cooperative operator, she found a listing for Smith-Miller, Incorporated in the white pages. The owner had maintained a phone for the inoperative company. Fred had located the former Smith-Miller factory.

After several calls for an appointment, Fred was finally able to get into the factory. The factory was easy to spot, because the sign still hung over the door. Thereafter, he made recurring trips to obtain parts for his trucks. On occasion, he would express to the owner an interest in obtaining the remnants of the company.

In the spring of 1979, a 'toy deal' unlike few that had preceded or have followed was being concluded. Fred Thompson, the heretofore restorer of Smith-Miller trucks who had found the former company four years earlier, was going to buy the whole company!

What became the stock, materials inventory and tooling for the resurrected Smith-Miller Corporation was moved to several locations with reasonable attempts to inventory the holdings. While plans for the future were being considered, the lure of immediate profits by reselling his acquisition was dismissed by the new owner. Interested buyers seemed likely to use the assets to reproduce formerly issued Smith-Miller trucks. That prospect did not appeal to the toy collector instincts in Fred. As a result, to date no Smith-Miller trucks have been reproduced or reissued. Rumors to the contrary still persist but are simply not true.

Fred Thompson decided that two courses of action would best benefit the company and Smith-Miller truck collectors alike. These were to first sell the Smith-Miller trucks in production and in stock and then to make new trucks of at least equal quality that had never before been produced.


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Smith Miller value and price guide

What's your Smith Miller worth in 2021? Here are some recently sold items.

Item Title Date Price
1950 s smith miller l model mack deli truck sibley s 1950 S Smith Miller L Model Mack Deli Truck Sibley S 06/2021 C $5 625.78
new smith miller gmc coke cola deli truck in original New Smith Miller Gmc Coke Cola Deli Truck In Original 06/2021 C $2 496.34
smith miller b mack no 5 pumper 167 of 175 original box Smith Miller B Mack No 5 Pumper 167 Of 175 Original Box 06/2021 C $2 440.03
smith miller coca cola deli truck red 2 Smith Miller Coca Cola Deli Truck Red 2 06/2021 C $2 134.09
smith miller kenworth pie coe wrecker truck tow truck Smith Miller Kenworth Pie Coe Wrecker Truck Tow Truck 06/2021 C $1 876.95
no pictureSee all sold items on eBay for more prices10/2021C $-.--

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Comments (7)
Anthony - December 19, 2020
Do you know where I can find information on the Fred Thomson OPEN CAB FIRE PUMPERS AND THE CLOSED CAB FIRE PUMPERS, they are very difficult to find for sale and also difficult to find much information OR HISTORY on. I believe , if I am not mistaken , they were a very limited production , less the 200 were produced . ANY INFORMATION YOU CAN PROVIDE WILL BE GREATLY APPRECIATED, THANK YOU.
No idea, sorry. If another visitor knows more, Í'll forward any info I get.
Jose - August 4, 2020
I am looking for blue and white "Teamsters" decals installed in MIC Trucks. If you have let me know for price and mailing
Hi there, sorry but I don't sell anything. Have a look here: Smith Miller Teamsters or here: Smith Miller Decals.
James - May 14, 2020
I have a Smith Miller Mack army truck from the 1950's. It'sthe transport truck with crates and a tarp. It has neverbeen played with and is in mint condition. Any idea on what it's worth?Thank you,Jim
Hi Jim, no idea on the value sorry... you could have a look here at other trucks: Smith Miller Mack Trucks. Ebay might be the best place to sell.
Pat - June 21, 2019
do you have any replacement decals for a l mack log truck
I don't sell decals, but you could look here or go to the official website (link above in description).
John - December 17, 2018
I have an early 1950's Eldon Miller white lowboy which I understand is very rare. It was apparently made for the eldon miller truck lines and not sold to the general public. I have not been able to find any information on it to try and establish a value. Any help would be appreciated.
I am not an expert on these trucks but you can go to the page Smith Miller lowboy and click on 'sold listings' to find some value.
John - May 6, 2015
I'm in need of some parts for what I think is a SM Snub Cab Dump Truck. I'm looking for the hand-held crank remote control steering and drive device. Would this still be available?
Hi! I found this website with parts for SM trucks: Smith Miller Toy Trucks. Hope it helps.