Strauss toys

Ferdinand Strauss Co. was founded in New York City. Strauss specialized in importing tin mechanical toys and produced toys from 1914 to 1927.

Strauss hired Louis Marx, whom later founded the Marx toy company.

Strauss produced (wind-up) toys for the Abraham & Strauss Department Stores and was a pioneer in the friction tin toy industry.


Ferdinand Strauss came to the US at the age of 18 years old. He was a university graduate, and as soon as he was in the U.S. began work selling winder clothing. He was always fascinated with mechanical things, and was quite a hands-on person. Eventually, he was able to get financing to develop his love of mechanical things, and created several different types of mechanical toys. However, the company met on hard times, and Louis Marx purchased the company.

Updated: 10 August 2020

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Strauss value and price guide

What's your Strauss worth in 2021? Here are some recently sold items.

Item Title Date Price
ferdinand strauss trackless trolley a rare find working Ferdinand Strauss Trackless Trolley A Rare Find Working 10/2021 C $203.90
ham sam minstrel team tin wind up toy ferdinand strauss Ham Sam Minstrel Team Tin Wind Up Toy Ferdinand Strauss 09/2021 C $171.15
old 1920s tin wind up trik auto toy part by strauss new Old 1920s Tin Wind Up Trik Auto Toy Part By Strauss New 09/2021 C $92.67
960k6 strauss auto poly rib serpentine belt usa free 960k6 Strauss Auto Poly Rib Serpentine Belt Usa Free 09/2021 C $14.90
ferdinand strauss co jenny balking mule tin windup toy Ferdinand Strauss Co Jenny Balking Mule Tin Windup Toy 09/2021 C $160.88
no pictureSee all sold items on eBay for more prices12/2021C $-.--

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Comments (16)
Gary - August 2, 2020
John - October 25, 2018
I have a Strauss Corp. mechanical Chek-A-Cab in fair to poor condition. Any thoughts on what value this mught have? Thanks
In 2015 one was sold for 230 USD in fair condition.
Race - August 7, 2018
I have a tin wind-up with Charlie Chaplin, Betty Boop and Mickey (Mortimer?) Mouse. There is a large S betwenn the words Trade and Mark. I have seen it once on a piece advertised as Strauss. Can anyone confirm or inform?
Ken - July 12, 2017
I have a 1 3/4" baseball pin marked PAT 1912.....S. MFG CO.......was told it went on a chest protector for a doll named FAN IS MARKED FAN KID.....any help?????
Betty - February 4, 2015
I haves Strauss Junior Oil Tank truck.Probably between 1915 1920.What would it be worth.
I've seen them sold for between 150 and 900 USD. Is it this one: Strauss Junior Oil Tank
Deborah - September 14, 2014
We found a Strauss original No. 50 tin flying top in it's original box and in working condition. Can you please tell us how much this toy is worth? Thank you.
There is boxed one for sale right now with a 'buy it now' price of 99 USD.
Bev - November 10, 2013
I have a toy,which Noel Barrett thought was a Strauss Tip Top Porter. The cart has no identification on it. A photo of a toy looking almost identical to mine is on p.17 IMAGES IN BLACK, 150 years of black collectibles, as "Girard" Does anyone know what it is?
Bill - August 24, 2013
i now have 4 versions of the Tip Top Porter. im now looking for a a Red Cap Porter with thr dog in the crate Randys Toy Shop has repaired several of my toys i highly recommend him.
Ronnie - June 11, 2013
I have a strauss sand truck in nice condition.1920s approx with out seeing what you think it's worth? any info would be helpful.thanks
Bill - May 12, 2013
looking for a Strauss red cap porter with the dog in the crate and the billiards player.
Janet - April 13, 2013
looking for Jazzbo Jim dancer. i have the house, but need the dancer.thanks,Jan
Bill - April 12, 2013
im looking for a compleat tip top porter
Andrew - January 6, 2013
I found a Ferdinand Strauss corp. knockout boxing toy mechanical tin toy. I can't find any like it it has one blue and one red boxer. Any mor information you can give would be helpful.
Is this one similar to yours?
Janis - July 13, 2012
I found a Thrifty Tom's Jigger Bank at my parents in preparation for an auction. I have researched them online, but the one I found has a yellow base and the fella has blue and white striped pants. I've only seen the yellow pants and blue base online. Can you tell me more. The dates, etc. are the same on ours.
I found one on eBay with the yellow pants, on auction for 1750 USD. The description includes: "Thrifty Tom's Jigger Bank Trade Mark Ferdinand Strauss Corp New York USA US Pat May 24, 1910, Oct 15 1918"
Bill - December 2, 2011
I am looking for a pair of arms for sale of the alabama coon jigger.
The parts you need I found on this toy part catalogue of Randy's Toy Shop.
Robyn - August 27, 2010
We found an old tin flying zeppelin made by Ferdinand Strauss Toy Co. Do you have any info on it?
Here is one for sale for between $100 - $200: