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Louis and Edward Strohacker and C.C. Thompson founded Structo Mfg. Co. in 1908 in Freeport, Illinois. Structo made construction kits (Ready-Built), model car toys and erector sets.

By the end of 1918, Structo launched a new, revolutionary line of 'Auto-Builder Outfits', which included a limited and very impressive selection of cars, trucks and tractors.

Beginning of 1921, these models and a few new models were also being released in a factory assembled 'Ready Built' line.

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Structo Toys managed to survive the Great Depression during the 1930s, and the toys made were sold for $1.25 to $5.00. These toys are quite hard to find and can be expensive.

In 1972, Structo was sold to ERTL Toys.

Updated: 12 May 2020

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Structo value and price guide

What's your Structo worth in 2021? Here are some recently sold items.

Item Title Date Price
reserved mike p custom structo chevy corvair pickup Reserved Mike P Custom Structo Chevy Corvair Pickup 08/2021 C $885.39
original rare 1920 s structo toys clockwork windup Original Rare 1920 S Structo Toys Clockwork Windup 06/2021 C $752.59
structo screen side pressed steel deli truck w electric Structo Screen Side Pressed Steel Deli Truck W Electric 07/2021 C $632.42
structo pressed steel truck nice Structo Pressed Steel Truck Nice 07/2021 C $575.24
1919 structo deluxe 12 clockwork roadster large wind up 1919 Structo Deluxe 12 Clockwork Roadster Large Wind Up 08/2021 C $580.57
no pictureSee all sold items on eBay for more prices10/2021C $-.--

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Comments (5)
Keith - August 14, 2020
we have a metal wind up ? truck or tractor green with red wheels, wind up is on front and says structo patent pending cant find a picture that comes close to what it looks like
Tricia - April 22, 2019
I have a Structo Garbage truck which I can not find any information on - it is blue on the bottom and white on the top. The windshield is pressed metal not a clear windshield. Any information someone could provide would be appreciated.Thanks
Also look on this page: Structo Garbage Truck to see if you can find yours.
Matt - November 6, 2018
Hello, I am in search of an a 1950's era toy truck for my father. Here is what I know.... 1950sChristmas Green in color? Flatbed Hauler If anyone has any info or can help in any way it would be appreciated. Thanks, Matt
Try Structo truck or if it doesn't have to be a structo: .