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Famous for their robots: Blink-a-Gear and Wheel-a-Gear from the sixties.

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Horikawa Alps Metal House Robot Nomura Bandai Rosko

Taiyo value and price guide

What's your Taiyo worth in 2021? Here are some recently sold items.

Item Title Date Price
miniature japanese lift arm taiyo lighter old stock Miniature Japanese Lift Arm Taiyo Lighter Old Stock 11/2021 C $18.86
1990 s taiyo japan r c orange fast traxx 9 6v turbo 1990 S Taiyo Japan R C Orange Fast Traxx 9 6v Turbo 11/2021 C $176.04
80 s nikko japan 1 14 secret jet duct fan rc car nos 80 S Nikko Japan 1 14 Secret Jet Duct Fan Rc Car Nos 11/2021 C $238.89
lot zoku shin bokura no taiyo gameboy advance ntsc j Lot Zoku Shin Bokura No Taiyo Gameboy Advance Ntsc J 11/2021 C $71.43
used taiyo matsumoto 101 illustration art book Used Taiyo Matsumoto 101 Illustration Art Book 11/2021 C $43.71
no pictureSee all sold items on eBay for more prices12/2021C $-.--

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Comments (9)
Brian - June 8, 2020
Yes I will probably have to do a xtal swap on one of my other Taiyo controllers.At least you can still buy an AM 30.000Mhz oscillator two pin crystal. A couple of boxed Taiyo buggies sold in the UK this weekend for reasonable prices on eBay but shipping cost as much as the items!
Yeah I know, shipping can be a real pain... Usually there are many (cheaper) shipping options, but most sellers choose the more expensive ones for better track and trace options.
Brian - June 5, 2020
Hi. I have a number of original Taiyo Jet Hoppers and the 4WD Jet Racer listed above. I cannot find a Taiyo transmitter set to AM 30.000Mhz. I am reluctant to replace the crystal in one of my other Taiyo 27.095 or 40.860Mhz controllers. Still hoping to find a 30.000Mhz controller out there somewhere.
Difficult! You could always try to locate one for parts? Taiyo Jet Hoppers.
Régis - January 2, 2020
Hi, I have found in a shed a Nikko Tronico Turbo88 Flash Fighter. Not broken at all. Good condition. Battery is a Nicd 9.6V Taiyo RC. Do you know how much this type of buggy is worth? Is it searched after or not at all? The vehicle is pretty big (36cm long and 27cm high). The remote was with it. It is a Nikko RX-System tronico 27MHz. Thanks for answering and happy new year 2020 !! Régis/Switzerland
Happy new year to you too :-) No idea about value, but if you have look here, maybe you'll find yours with some prices: Nikko Tronico.
Jeff - August 21, 2019
Hi, I acquired a 7-Up car at a swap meet in far eastern Germany in late 2016. Just the car, no box but pretty nice condition and works. I'd like to sell it as we are about to travel for a couple of years and are selling off our fun house things. Thanks, Jeff
Nice, I found some here: Taiyo 7-UP. Have a great trip, sounds awesome!
Gloria - March 18, 2019
I recently picked up a Tyco R/C Pontiac radio controlled car made by Taiyo in Singapore. The car is blue and red with silver rims. The stickers are 43, Oil Treatment, STP and others. I cant find it on the internet. I have the remote and it works. Any info you may have on it would be great. Thank you.
You could look for vintage taiyo rc cars to find similar cars.
Chris - August 14, 2014
Hi, I have a Taiyo (Japan) Mighty Tank Radio Racer, and can't find anything on the internet about it, and I am wondering if anyone can help in terms of the history, rarity and value?Thank YouChris
Sam - July 9, 2014
I recently found a NON-FALL MYSTERY BEACH BUGGY at a second hand store. Its missing both headlights, and hood ornament. Does anyone know where I can find these to aid in the restoration of this awesome collectible?
That will be difficult! Maybe try to find another one for parts? Search for example on this website for: Taiyo buggy and maybe one will pop up.
Jc - February 12, 2012
I have a taiyo VW car with lee batteries and filters logos on the doors also says hunter on the doors.there is a black cat face on the hood with a flag it says s.e.v.marchal lee under that.the car is white with one black racing strip and one red.any info on this would be great and whats it worth. thanks
Difficult to say depends on state (is it boxed?) and demand. Try and search through these pictures for your beetle for more info.
Matt - November 8, 2011
I have a Ford Mustang Non-Fall Mystery Bump'N Go battery operated toy car with lights Any info on this would be great and what it is worth. Thanks