Cubic framework of yellow plastic girders connected to each other and into grey plastic bases by means of colourless six-way connectors whose arms fit into sockets at the ends of the girders.

Rigid white plastic wall panels attach to the frame by hanging off the upper girder and come in three basic designs: plain wall, windows with coloured panels beneath and glazed wall with double doors. Parts to cover the corners and roof edges allow for finished looking buildings. Accessory packs were available with wall panels of different textures, all of which are white apart from brick effect ones in a caramel brown. Drop in card panels form the roof. Complex shapes often require special parts which where not usually contained in the standard sets, making Arkitex less flexible than Kenner girder and panel sets.

Sets were produced in 00 and 1/42 scales, to match with Tri-ang railways and Spot-On cars respectively.

Arkitex attempted to represent the 'modern' method of constructing bridges and office and apartment buildings. It used a system of plastic girders which were assembled to form a framework, to which you could then add floors and, finally, panels consisting of walls, windows and doors. The result was model buildings which had a contemporary feel. An unusual feature of Arkitex was that the components and sets were available in 2 scales: 1/42 to match the Spot-On range, and 00/HO guage to match Tri-ang model railways. Although Arkitex was cleverly designed, the small and medium sets only contained the components for making basic box-shaped buildings: if you wanted to make more interesting structures you needed special parts which came with the largest - and most expensive - sets. This probably contributed to the short lifespan of the range, introduced in 1961 and disappearing in 1965/1966. Nowadays some components, particularly those for apartment buildings, are very rare and sought-after.

The Arkitex range is quite extensive, with many pieces being exceptionally rare and consequently difficult to find.

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