Utexiqual produced toys from 1953 to 1982 by Littlestown Hardware and Foundry, using molds from Kenton Hardware Co., Kenton Ohio.

In 1939, Kenton Hardware Co. introduced a new line of horse-drawn toys and the company ran through 1952 with that line, until Kenton ceased production of their cast iron toys. The Littlestown Hardware and Foundry acquired and marketed Kenton toy designs under 'Utexiqual' as quality reproductions.

Utexiqual banks

Littlestown produced the castings, produced, assembled, (hand-)painted, packaged and shipped the items from their Pennsylvanian facilities. In 1982 however, Utexiqual ended the contract with Littlestown, and ceased production.

Utexiqual mechanical banks

Utexiqual made four different mechanical banks: the Catboat, the Birdie Putt, the Lucky Fisherman, and the Strike Bank (Bowling). These banks are also known as Richards banks from Richards Toys. There are many reproductions of Utexiqual toys and it becomes difficult to decipher the original from the reproduction.

Utexiqual mechanical banks

Differences between original and reproduction:

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Comments (3)
Jaymunro - January 27, 2014
The difference between Utexiqual banks and the cheap Chinese knockoffs is pretty obvious. The castings are very crude, and the painting is even worse. It's really sad that people bought that crap over the original, and put Utexiqual out of business. The banks by Utexiqual are originals, not reproductions (my father designed them).
Thanks for your comment Jay, hope you still have some of your fathers banks.
Wally - November 10, 2013
I have the Lucky Fisherman and a red stage coach drawn by six horses. Both are in mint condition. What are they worth to a collector?
Lucky Fisherman can fetch 500 USD (based on a 2012 auction), the stagecoach no idea, sorry.
Woody - November 15, 2010
I have in my possession a mechanical toy bank titled \'Birdie Putt\'. The green bank base measurs approx 9x3x2 (deep) and featuresa golfer and his caddy on top putting coin into a slot (the hole) I would like to try to sell... can u give me any information on date of manufacture, approx worth on todays market? Label says made by the Utexiqual Products Division, Moorsetown NY.
Depends on state and demand, but I see prices ranging from 200 to 400 USD.