The Wizzzer is a gyrostat toy first made by Mattel Toymakers in 1969, and introduced the spinning top to modern children. The "twist" was the use of a super-spinning, high-tech bearing, that allowed the top to spin at ultra high speed and remain standing for a long time.

This top did not rely on a string to attain high speed so it was easier to master than older tops.

Mattel used innovative wedge-shaped packaging and gave the tops interesting personas through the use of color combinations and stickers. The most memorable are those named: Spin-Fire, Mach-1, Prowler, Night Winder, Bonehead, Sparkshooter and "The Color Changer".

To expand the line, Mattel added a Wizzzer Hockey Game, the Trick Tray and the Super Competition Set. Several automobile toys were included that were Wizzzer-driven as "Spin-Buggies."

Wizzzer value and price guide

What's your 'Wizzzer' worth? Here are some recently sold items (Canada).

Picture Title Date Sold for
Mattel Top Lot Glow In The Dark 1969 08/2019 C $85.36
Wiz Z Zer Mattel Rare Spinning Toy 08/2019 C $91.93
Rare Mattel Trick Top Super Competition 07/2019 C $65.65
Duncan Original Trick Top 3700wz 1996 09/2019 C $39.40
Rare 1970 Mattel Super Competition Set 09/2019 C $32.83

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